Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Newest and best screenshots taken from Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order by Respawn


My name is Peter Sakhnini and I go by PeterSMK2 on the internet. I am a content creator, spending most of my free time creating video game cinematics and screenshots. I am also an Admin for the Official Battlefield Discord and a Moderator for the EA Gaming Discord. And I enjoy going to video game conventions to take pictures, connect with friends and have fun.


Some of my latest and best screenshots & composites taken from the Battlefield franchise.


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Collection of my latest and best photographs

Cinematic Videos

Operation Underground (Battlefield V by EA/DICE)

Concept Designs

Concept Designs I made for video games to provide feedback

This concept changes the Battlefield V menu from the old blue theme to something that is easier on the eyes and players are familiar with and experience by playing the game.

Made a concept for a companion app for Battlefield V (Very similar to the current Battlefield 1 Companion) with Adobe Xd. (WIP)

Need for Speed Heat

My latest Need for Speed screenshots

Cyberpunk 2077